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L. Kumar. "Survival Prediction using Gene Expression Data - A Topic Modeling Approach". MSc Thesis, Computing Science, Thesis, December 2016. PDFview
E. Ryan, J. Holland, E. Stroulia, B. Bazelli, S. Babwik, H. Li, P. Senior, R. Greiner. "Improved A1C with smart phone app use in Type 1 diabetes". Canadian Journal of Diabetes, 41(1), pp 33-40, February 2017. view
R. Vega. "The challenge of applying machine learning techniques to diagnose schizophrenia using multi-site fMRI data". MSc Thesis, University of Alberta, January 2017. PDFview
C. Lee, M. Schmidt, A. Murtha, A. Bistritz, J. Sander, R. Greiner. "Segmenting Brain Tumor with Conditional Random Fields and Support Vector Machines". Computer Vision for Biomedical Image Applications: Current Techniques and Future Trends, October 2005. PDFview
M. Morris, R. Greiner, J. Sander, A. Murtha, M. Schmidt. "Learning a Classification-based Glioma Growth Model Using MRI Data". Journal of Computers (JCP), 1(7), pp 21-31, November 2006. PDFview
A. Murtha, J. Levesque, M. Brown, M. Heydari, J. Sander, M. Jagersand, N. Leong, W. Roa, B. Abdulkarim, D. Fulton, M. Smerdely, R. Greiner. "Development of an image-centered database containing MRI and PET data, and examples of its application in the treatment of glioma patients". Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology, June 2007. view

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