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D. Schuurmans, R. Greiner. "Learning to Classify Incomplete Examples". Computational Learning Theory and Natural Learning Systems, MIT Press, 4, pp 87-105, May 1997. PDFview
M. Gheiratmand, I. Rish, G. Cecchi, M. Brown, R. Greiner, P. Bashivan, A. Greenshaw, R. Ramasubbu, S. Dursun. "Learning stable and predictive network-based patterns ofschizophrenia and its clinical symptoms". Nature Schizophrenia, May 2017. view
F. Seyednasrollah, D. Koestler, T. Wang, S. Piccolo, R. Vega, R. Greiner, C. Fuchs, E. Gofer, L. Kumar. "A DREAM Challenge to build prediction models for short-term discontinuation of docetaxel in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer". Journal of Clinical Oncology: Clinical Cancer Informatics, May 2017. view
M. Gheiratmand, I. Rish, G. Cecchi, M. Brown, R. Greiner, A. Greenshaw, S. Dursun. "Functional Network Patterns as Multivariate Predictors of Symptom Severity in Schizophrenia". 23nd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, May 2017. view
K. Aggarwal, A. Hindle, F. Timbers, E. Stroulia, T. Rutgers, R. Greiner. "Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports using a Hierarchy of Domain Knowledge Contexts". Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, August 2016. view
J. Guinney, T. Wang, P. DREAM Community, R. Greiner, R. Vega, L. Kumar. "A prognostic model to predict overall survival for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: results from a crowdsourced challenge using retrospective, open clinical trial data". Lancet Oncology, 18(1), pp 132-142, January 2017. view

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