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A And-Or trees   Adaptive and Machine Learning   AI   ATM   AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS   ADAPTIVE COORDINATION   ADVERSARIAL TASK   Amazons   Ambient behavior   Active classification   Algorithms, Performance, Theory   APL   AICML   ALeRT   ADHD-200   Ancestry   ADHD   Autism   A1C   Aquatic species  
B Bioinformatics   Bayesian Classifiers   BTAP   Belief Net   Bayesian   Bregman   Bayes   Bregman divergence   Bayes'   Belief Networks   Belief Change   Belief Nets   Bayesian belief network, variance, bucket elimination, credible interval, error bars   Bayesian net   Bayesian methods   Bi-cluster   Bayesian filtering   Brain Tumour Analysis Project   Bayesian belief nets   Budgeted Learning   Bayesian networks   Biological feature selection   Benchmark   Brain tumor   Biomarker Discovery   Breast Cancer   Belief Propagation   Bayesil   Blood Glucose Prediction   Boltzman machine  
C Cancer   Chenomx   CYC   Classification   CMAC function   CMAC   Conditional Random Field   Computer poker   Cowichan Problems   CO2P3S   Chow-Liu Trees   ChenomX   Collaborative filtering   Clustering Techniques   Cerebrospinal fluid   CSF   Collaborative Filtering, Recommender Systems, Imputation Techniques, Multiple Imputation   Compiler Development   CRF   Contrast sets   Civil Engineering, data mining application   Catenin   COMBREX   Computational Learning Theory   CSP   Constraint Satisfaction Problem   CFM   Calibration and Discrimination   Continuous integration    Contextual bandit   Contextual Bandits   Computational Biology   Computational Psychiatry  
D DORA   Delta   Dyna   Dyna-Q   Design patterns   Diagnosis   DNF   Dirichlet Processes   Data assimilation   Density-based Clustering    Data Visualization, Association Rules, Classification, Knowledge Interpretation   Divergence measures   Decimation   Duplicate bug report   DREAM challenge   DREAM Challenge   D-calibration  
E ELR   EBL   Ensemble method   EM algorithm   Effective   Ensemble Learning   ER status   E-commerce   EEG   Endophenotype   Evaluation Method  
F Fifteen Puzzle   Feedback-Directed Optimization   Feature Selection, Classification   FMRI  
G GO hierarchy   Gaussian   Go   Graphical models   Game theory   GWAS   Gaussian processes   Gene signatures overlap   Gaussian densities   Genomics   Gibbs Sampling   Gene expression   Gaussian Markov random fields   Gumbel perturbation   Greedy optimization  
H Horn approximation   HMP   Hidden Markov models   Hub genes   HapMap Project   HMDB   HOG Features   Human factors in software development GitHub repositories  
I Implicit   IEM   Intelligent Image Processing and Computer Vision   IDA*   IDBD   Imperfect information   Interactive story writing   Information State   Importance Sampling  
J Junction Tree  
K Knowledge Bases   Kalman filter   Kalman filtering   Kidney transplant  
L Laplacian   LMS network   LIMS   LILAC   Logistic Regression   Life and Medical Sciences   Lesion score   Listeria  
M MRF   MDP   MrAdore   MrAdor   Markov chain   Mixture using Variance   Markov random fields   Markov   MCSP   MDPs   Monte Carlo   Mountain-Car   MULTI-ROBOT COORDINATION   Multiagent learning   Machine Learning   Metabolomics, NMR, Targeted Profiling, Urine, Normal   Medical informatics   Metabolome   Machine-Learning   Metabolomics   Mass spectrometry   Microarray   Machine learning   Machine-learning   Muscle wasting   Medical Informatics   Monte-Carlo   MRI   Multi-Task Learning   M-Estimation   Microarray gene lists   Markov Networks, Inference Complexity, Structure Learning   Manifold learning   Microarray Analysis   Message passing   MS/MS   Message Passing   Multi-task Logistic Regression   Mass spectrometry, CASMI, small molecule identification, machine learning, probabilistic models   Mass Spec   Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis, Histogram of Oriented Gradients   Major depressive disorder   MDD  
N NMR   N­gram models   Neural networks   Neverwinter Nights   NP-hardness   Non-Parameteric Bayesian Modeling   Nuclear magnetic resonance   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance   NLU   NMR Spectroscopy   Neuroimaging   Neurocognition  
O Opponent modeling   Object–oriented frameworks.   Outlier detection   Optimization   Off-policy Learning  
P Proteome Analyst   PolyomX   Parameter Learning   PALO   PAC   PAC learning   PLSA   PCI   PAO   Point pattern matching   Perceptron   PAC-learning   PSVN   PSRs   POMPD   Parallel programming systems   Parallel programming   Programming environments   Propagating organization Constraints Information Shannon Work SemiosisAdjacent possible   PAC-learnability   Prostate Cancer   Prediction   Profiling   Privacy preserving data mining, clustering   PTEN   Protein prediction   Parameters   PET   PSSP   Population Stratification Correction   PGM   Probabilistic Graphical Models   Parcellation   PROSPeCT  
Q Q-learning   Query Size Estimation   QTL  
R Redundant   Reasoning   Relevance   Random Field   RBF networks   ROC curves   ROC   RoboCup   Rescorla-Wagner   Random Fields   Robotics   Reinforcement learning, simulation-based search, Monte-Carlo simulation, computer Go, temporal-difference learning   Robust Statistics   Reinforcement Learning   Riemannian metric for covariance matrices.   Reservation Price   RNAome   RCT   Randomized Control Trials   Restricted Boltzmann machine  
S SNP   SNPs   SVRF   SVM   SMDP   Semi-Supervised   Semi-supervised learning   Structured outputs   Simulations   Search-Tree pattern   Statistical inference   Support Vector Machine (SVM), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Radiation Treatment, Lung Cancer, Gross Tumour Volume (GTV)   Segmentation   Signaling Pathway   Sarsa   ScriptEase   Scriptease   Survival Prediction   Survival Analysis   Sequential Design   Survey Propagation   Survival prediction   Schizophrenia   Schizoprenia  
T Temperature Discovery Search   Traspostion-Table- Driven Work Scheduling   Tumor growth prediction   TSP   Topic models   Test driven development   Type 1 Diabetes  
U Unsupervised deep learning  
V Variance   ViolaJones   Vision   Visual Servoing  
W WebIC   Winnow   Web Visualization, Web Graph Algebra, Interactive Web  
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