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Publications in 1988

In Journal (refereed)

1. R. Greiner. "Learning by Understanding Analogies". Artificial Intelligence (AIJ), 35(1), pp 81--125, May 1988. view
2. R. Greiner. "Against the Unjustified Use of Probabilities: A Critique of Cheeseman's "An Inquiry into Computer Understanding"". Computational Intelligence, 4(1), pp 79--83, February 1988. view
3. R. Sutton. "Learning to Predict by the Methods of Temporal Differences". Machine Learning Journal (MLJ), 3(1), pp 9-44, January 1988. view
4. O. Selfridge, R. Sutton, C. Anderson. "Selected Bibliography on Connectionism". Evolution Learning and cognition, (ed: Y.C. Lee), pp 391-403, January 1988. view

In Journal (unrefereed)

5. R. Greiner, B. Silver, S. Becker, M. Gruninger. "A Review of Machine Learning papers of AAAI-87". Machine Learning Journal (MLJ), 3(1), pp 79-92, August 1988. view

In Conference (refereed)

6. P. Caines, R. Greiner, S. Wang. "On (Default) Logic Observers for Finite Automata". Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, pp 50-56, March 1988. view

In Workshop

7. R. Sutton. "Convergence Theory for a New Kind of Prediction Learning". WCLT, pp 421-422, January 1988. PSview

Other Categories

8. R. Lee, E. Milios, R. Greiner, J. Rossiter. "An Expert System For Automated Interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar Data". Workshop on Ground Probing Radar, Ottawa, May 1988. view
9. R. Lee, E. Milios, R. Greiner, J. Rossiter. "Signal Abstractions in the Machine Analysis of Radar Signals for Ice Profiling". International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, New York, April 1988. PDFview
10. R. Greiner. "Annual Meeting of the CIAR AIR Group". In Magazine, Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI), 14(11-12), January 1988. view
11. R. Sutton. "NADALINE: A Normalized Adaptive Linear Element That Learns Efficiently". Technical Report, January 1988. PDFview
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