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Publications in 1990

In Journal (refereed)

1. B. Porter, E. Bareiss, R. Holte. "Concept Learning and Heuristic Classification in Weak-Theory Domains". Artificial Intelligence (AIJ), 45(1), pp 229-263, June 1990. PDFview
2. R. Sutton. "First Results With Dyna: An Integrated Architecture for Learning, Planning, and Reacting". Neural Networks for Control, (ed: Miller T, Sutton R. S., Werbos P.), pp 179-189, January 1990. view
3. A. Barto, R. Sutton, C. Watkins. "Learning and Sequential Decision Making". Learning and Computational Neuroscience, (ed: M. Gabriel, J.W. Moore), pp 539-602, January 1990. view
4. R. Sutton, A. Barto. "Time-Derivative Models of Pavlovian Reinforcement". Learning and Computational Neuroscience, (ed: M. Gabriel, J.W. Moore), pp 497-537, January 1990. view

In Conference (refereed)

5. P. Orponen, R. Greiner. "On the Sample Complexity of Finding Good Search Strategies". Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), pp 352-58, August 1990. PDFview
6. R. Holte. "Efficient Candidate Elimination Through Test Incorporation". Change of Representation and Inductive Bias, June 1990. view
7. S. Whitehead, R. Sutton, D. Ballard. "Advances in Reinforcement Learning and Their Implications for Intelligent Control". IEEE, pp 1289-1297, January 1990. view
8. R. Sutton. "Integrated Architectures for Learning, Planning, and Reacting Based on Approximating Dynamic Programming". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Austin, Texas, USA, pp 216-224, January 1990. PDFview
9. C. Anderson, J. Franklin, R. Sutton. "Learning a Nonlinear Model of a Manufacturing Process Using Multilayer Connectionist Networks". IEEE, pp 404-409, January 1990. PDFview

In Workshop

10. Y. Xiao, R. Greiner. "A Distributed Plan Verifier". Third UNB AI Workshop, October 1990. PSview
11. R. Sutton. "Artificial intelligence by dynamic programming". Yale Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Systems, pp 89-95, May 1990. view

Other Categories

12. J. Franklin, R. Sutton, C. Anderson, O. Selfridge, D. Schwartz. "Connectionist Learning Control at GTE Laboratories". pp 242-253, February 1990. view
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