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Publications in 1991

In Journal (refereed)

1. R. Greiner. "Finding Optimal Derivation Strategies in Redundant Knowledge Bases". Artificial Intelligence (AIJ), 50(1), pp 95--115, August 1991. PSview
2. R. Zimmer, A. MacDonald, R. Holte. " CAD for Verified Hardware Design via Category Theory". Microprocessing and Microprogramming, 32, pp 691-698, June 1991. view
3. P. Caines, S. Wang, R. Greiner. "Classical and Logic-Based Dynamic Observers". IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, 8, pp 45--80, June 1991. view

In Conference (refereed)

4. R. Greiner, C. Elkan. "Measuring and Improving the Effectiveness of Representations". International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Sydney, Australia, August 1991. PSview
5. R. Greiner, P. Orponen. "Probably Approximately Optimal Derivation Strategies". Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR), Boston, April 1991. PDFview
6. R. Sutton. "Dyna, an Integrated Architecture for Learning, Planning and Reacting". National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), pp 160-163, January 1991. PDFview
7. R. Sutton. "Reinforcement Learning Architectures for Animats". Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (CSAB), January 1991. view
8. R. Sutton, A. Barto, R. Williams. "Reinforcement Learning is Direct Adaptive Optimal Control". American Control Conference (ACC), January 1991. view

In Workshop

9. R. Sutton, C. Matheus. "Learning Polynomial Functions by Feature Construction". IWML, January 1991. PDFview
10. R. Sutton. "Planning by Incremental Dynamic Programming". International Workshop on Machine Learning, pp 353-357, January 1991. PDFview

Other Categories

11. R. Sutton. "Integrated Modeling and Control Based on Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Programming". January 1991. view
12. W. Miller, R. Sutton, P. Werbos. "Neural Networks for Control". MIT Press, (ed: W. Miller, R. Sutton, P. Werbos.), January 1991. view
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