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Publications in 1993

In Journal (refereed)

1. R. Holte. "Very Simple Classification Rules Perform Well on Most Commonly Used Datasets". Machine Learning Journal (MLJ), 11, pp 63-91, January 1993. PSview

In Journal (unrefereed)

2. C. Elkan, R. Greiner. "Book Review: Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems: Representation and Inference in the CYC Project". Artificial Intelligence (AIJ), 61(1), pp 41--52, August 1993. PSview

In Conference (refereed)

3. R. Zimmer, C. Heide-Korbel, A. MacDonald, R. Holte. "Effects of Granularity of Representation on Learning: An Application to Genetic Algorithms". Florida AI Research Symposium, June 1993. view
4. A. MacDonald, R. Holte, R. Zimmer. "Optimising The Induction of Decision Trees". Florida AI Research Symposium, pp 203-207, June 1993. view
5. C. Drummond, R. Holte, D. Ionescu. "Accelerating Browsing by Automatically Inferring a User's Search Goal". KBSE, pp 160-167, January 1993. PDFview
6. R. Sutton, S. Whitehead. "Online Learning With Random Representations". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Amherst, MA, USA, (ed: M. Kaufmann), pp 314-321, January 1993. PDFview

In Workshop

7. R. Greiner, D. Schuurmans. "Learning an Optimally Accurate Representational System". ECAI Workshop on Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Springer Verlag, August 1993. PSview

Other Categories

8. N. Gupta, S. Judd, R. Greiner. "Opportunities to Apply Machine Learning Techniques to Automate Software Design". Learning System Department TechReport, Siemens Corporate Research, SCR-94-TR-464, December 1993. view
9. S. Hanson, S. Judd, T. Hancock, L. Lin, R. Greiner. "RatBOT: Learning in the Design of a Mobile Robot". Learning System Department TechReport, Siemens Corporate Research, SCR-94-TR-470, November 1993. view
10. R. Greiner. "On adaptive derivation processes". Workshop on Knowledge Compilation and Speedup Learning(KCSL 93), June 1993. PDFview
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