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Publications in 1998

In Journal (refereed)

1. J. Santamaria, R. Sutton, A. Ram. "Experiments With Reinforcement Learning in Problems With Continuous State and Action Spaces". Adaptive Behavior, 2, pp 163-218, January 1998. PDFview
2. M. Kubat, R. Holte, S. Matwin. "Machine Learning for the Detection of Oil Spills in Satellite Radar Images". Machine Learning Journal (MLJ), 30(2-3), pp 195-216, January 1998. PDFview

In Conference (refereed)

3. A. Grove, D. Schuurmans. "Boosting in the limit: Maximizing the margin of learned ensembles". National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), June 1998. PDFview
4. J. Martin, R. Holte. "Searching for Content-Based Addresses on the World-Wide Web". DL, pp 299-300, June 1998. view
5. R. Sutton, D. Precup, S. Singh. "Intra-Option Learning About Temporally Abstract Actions". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Madison, Wisconsin USA, pp 556-564, January 1998. PDFview
6. D. Precup, R. Sutton. "Multi-Time Models for Temporally Abstract Planning". Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Denver, CO, USA, pp 1050-1056, January 1998. PSview
7. D. Precup, R. Sutton, S. Singh. "Theoretical Results on Reinforcement Learning With Temporally Abstract Options". European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML), Chemnitz, Germany, pp 382-393, January 1998. PDFview

In Workshop

8. M. Bowling, M. Veloso. "Reusing Learned Policies Between Similar Problems". AI*IA-98 Workshop on New Trends in Robotics, October 1998. PDFview
9. A. McGovern, D. Precup, B. Ravindran, S. Singh, R. Sutton. "Hierarchical Optimal Control of MDPs". Yale Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Systems, pp 186-191, January 1998. PDFview

Other Categories

10. A. McGovern, R. Sutton. "Macro-Actions in Reinforcement Learning: An Empirical Analysis". Technical Report, January 1998. PDFview
11. R. Sutton, A. Barto. "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction". MIT Press, January 1998. view
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