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Publications in 2013

In Journal (refereed)

1. S. Wang, R. Greiner, S. Wang. "Consistency and Generalization Bounds for Maximum Entropy Density Estimation". Entropy, 15(12), pp 5439-5463, December 2013. view
2. M. Bastani, L. Vos, N. Asgarian, J. Deschenes, K. Graham, J. Mackey, R. Greiner. "A Machine Learned Classifier that uses Gene Expression Data to Accurately Predict Estrogen Receptor Status". PLoS One, 8(12), November 2013. view
3. R. Eisner, R. Greiner, V. Tso, H. Wang, R. Fedorak. "A machine-learned predictor of colonic polyps based on urinary metabolomics". BioMed Research International, 2013(303982), pp 11, November 2013. view
4. S. Wang, S. Wang, L. Cheng, R. Greiner, D. Schuurmans. "Exploiting Syntactic, Semantic and Lexical Regularities in Language Modeling via Directed Markov Random Fields". Computational Intelligence, 29(4), pp 649–679, November 2013. view
5. M. Hajiloo, B. Damavandi, M. Hooshsadat, F. Sangi, J. Mackey, C. Cass, R. Greiner, S. Damaraju. "Breast Cancer Prediction Using Genome Wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Data ". BMC Bioinformatics, 14(Suppl 13), pp S3, October 2013. view
6. B. Anton, Y. Chang, P. Brown, H. Choi, L. Faller, J. Guleria, Z. Hu, N. Klitgord, V. Mazumdar, M. McGettrick, L. Osmani, R. Pokrzywa, J. Rachlin, R. Swaminathan, C. Monahan, K. Rochussen, K. Tao, A. Bhagwat, S. Brenner, L. Columbus, A. Fomenkov, G. Gadda, R. Morgan, A. Osterman, D. Rodionov, I. Rodionova, K. Rudd, D. Söll, J. Spain, S. Xu, A. Bateman, R. Blumenthal, J. Bollinger, I. Friedberg, M. Galperin, J. Gobeill, D. Haft, J. Hunt, P. Karp, W. Klimke, C. Krebs, M. Martin, J. Miller, C. O'Donovan, B. Palsson, P. Ruch, A. Setterdahl, G. Sutton, J. Tate, A. Yakunin, D. Tchigvintsev, G. Plata, J. Hu, R. Greiner, D. Horn, K. Sjölander, S. Salzberg, D. Vitkup, S. Letovsky, D. Segrè, C. DeLisi, R. Roberts, M. Steffen, S. Kasif. "The COMBREX Project: Design, Methodology, and Initial Results". PLOS Biology, 11(8), August 2013. view
7. S. Ravanbakhsh, M. Gajewski, R. Greiner, J. Tuszynski. "Determination of the optimal tubulin isotype target as a method for the development of individualized cancer chemotherapy". Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling, 10(29), April 2013. view
8. C. Stretch, S. Khan, N. Asgarian, R. Eisner, S. Vaisipour, S. Damaraju, O. Bathe, H. Steed, R. Greiner, V. Baracos. "Effects of sample size on differential gene expression, rank order and prediction accuracy of a gene signature". PLoS One, 8(6), April 2013. view
9. M. Hajiloo, Y. Sapkota, J. Mackey, P. Robson, R. Greiner, S. Damaraju. "ETHNOPRED: a Novel Machine Learning Method for Accurate Continental and Sub-continental Ancestry Identification and Population Stratification Correction". BMC Bioinformatics, 14(61), February 2013. view

In Conference (refereed)

10. K. Abou-Moustafa, F. Ferrie, D. Schuurmans. "Divergence Based Graph Estimation for Manifold Learning". IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, December 2013. PDFview
11. N. Zolghadr, G. Bartok, R. Greiner, C. Szepesvari, A. Gyorgy. "Online Learning with Costly Features and Labels". Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), December 2013. PDFview
12. K. Abou-Moustafa, D. Schuurmans, F. Ferrie. "Learning a metric space for neighbourhood topology estimation. Application to manifold learning". Asian Conference on Machine Learning, (ed: Cheng Soon Ong and Tu Bao Ho), pp 1-16, November 2013. PDFview
13. M. Stanescu, S. Hernandez, G. Erickson, R. Greiner, M. Buro. "Predicting army combat outcomes in StarCraft". Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment Conference (AIIDE), October 2013. PDFview
14. I. Diaz, P. Boulanger, R. Greiner, B. Hoehn, L. Rowe, A. Murtha. "An Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation Tool". Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, July 2013. view
15. M. Ben Salah, I. Diaz, R. Greiner, P. Boulanger, B. Hoehn, A. Murtha. "Fully Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation using two MRI Modalities". International Symposium on Visual Computing, July 2013. view
16. M. Hajiloo. "Learning Disease Patterns from Novel High-Throughput Genomics Profiles: Why is it so Challenging?". Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI), pp 328-333, May 2013. view

In Workshop

17. M. Hajiloo, R. Greiner. "Assessing the Feasibility of Learning Biomedical Phenotypes via Large Scale Omics Profiles". Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Machine Learning in Computational Biology, December 2013. view
18. S. Khan, R. Greiner. "Finding Discriminatory Genes: a methodology for validating microarray studies". Data Mining for Biomedical Applications (BioDM), December 2013. PDFview
19. S. Ghiassian, R. Greiner, M. Brown, P. Jin. "Learning to Classify Psychiatric Disorders based on fMR Images: Autism vs Healthy and ADHD vs Healthy". Proceedings of the Workshop on Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging, November 2013. PDFview
20. R. Tso, P. Gillevet, L. Dieleman, K. Rioux, G. Kaplan, B. Herman, P. Koleva, R. Valcheva, E. Kuenzig, K. Madsen, R. Greiner. "Distinctive Urinary Metabolite Profiles Correlate With Microbial Composition and Are Linked With Endoscopic Post-Operative Disease Recurrence in Crohn's Disease Patients". September 2013. view
21. U. Das Gupta, S. Srinivasan, S. Sharma, R. Greiner. "Learning Markov Networks with Bounded Inference Complexity". Interactions between Inference and Learning, June 2013. PDFview

Other Categories

22. M. Bastani. "Model-Free Intelligent Diabetes Management Using Machine Learning". MSc Thesis, November 2013. PDFview
23. M. Bastani, K. Chen, M. Bowling, R. Greiner, E. Ryan. "Computing Treatments for Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus". Poster, 2013 ADI Research Day, September 2013. PDFview
24. J. Wen. "Robust Learning under Uncertain Test Distributions". MSc Thesis, Dept of Computing Science, University of Alberta, September 2013. view
25. F. Allen, R. Greiner. "Generative model-based prediction of ESI-MS/MS spectra for metabolite identification". Poster, Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), July 2013. PDFview
26. N. Zolghadr. "Probe-Efficient Learning". MSc Thesis, January 2013. view
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