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Publications in 2014

In Journal (refereed)

1. F. Allen, A. Pon, M. Wilson, R. Greiner, D. Wishart. "CFM-ID: A web server for annotation, spectrum prediction and metabolite identification from tandem mass spectra". Nucleic Acids Research (NAR), 42, pp W94-W99, June 2014. view
2. F. Allen, R. Greiner, D. Wishart. "Competitive fragmentation modeling of ESI-MS/MS spectra for putative metabolite identification". Metabolomics, 11(1), pp 98-110, June 2014. view

In Conference (refereed)

3. S. Ravanbakhsh, R. Rabbany, R. Greiner. "Augmentative Message Passing for Traveling Salesman Problem and Graph Partitioning". Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), December 2014. view
4. K. Deng, R. Greiner, S. Murphy. "Budgeted Learning For Developing Personalized Treatment". International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), December 2014. view
5. S. Khan, R. Greiner. "Budgeted Transcript Discovery: A Framework For Joint Exploration And Validation Studies". IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine , November 2014. PDFview
6. B. Saha, A. Saini, N. Ray, R. Greiner, J. Hugh, M. Tambasco. "A Robust Convergence Index Filter for Breast Cancer Cell Segmentation". International Conference on Image Processing, October 2014. view
7. S. Ravanbakhsh, R. Greiner, B. Frey, C. Srinivasa. "Min-Max Problems on Factor-Graphs". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), June 2014. view
8. J. Wen, C. Yu, R. Greiner. "Robust Learning under Uncertain Test Distributions: Relating Covariate Shift to Model Misspecification". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), June 2014. PDFview
9. G. Nicolai, M. Islam, R. Greiner. "Native Language Identification using probabilistic graphical models". International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology , February 2014. view

In Conference (unrefereed)

10. F. Allen, A. Pon, M. Wilson, R. Greiner, D. Wishart. "CFM-ID: A Web Server for Annotation, Spectrum Prediction and Metabolite Identification from MS/MS". MetaboMeeting, September 2014. PDFview

In Workshop

11. P. Jin, R. Greiner, M. Wei, G. Haeubl. "Using Survival Prediction Techniques to Learn Consumer-Specific Reservation Price Distributions". NIPS Workshop on Transactional Machine Learning and E-Commerce, December 2014. view
12. S. Khan, R. Greiner. "The Budgeted Biomarker Discovery Problem: A Variant of Association Studies". AAAI Workshop on Modern Artificial Intelligence for Health Analytics (MAIHA), June 2014. PDFview

Other Categories

13. S. Ghiassian. "Using Functional or Structural Magnetic Resonance Images and Personal Characteristic Data to Diagnose ADHD and Autism". MSc Thesis, Computing Science, MSc Thesis, August 2014. view
14. M. Hajiloo. "Assessing the Feasibility of Learning Biomedical Phenotype Patterns Using High-Throughput Omics Profiles". PhD Thesis, January 2014. view
15. S. Vaisipour. "Detecting, correcting, and preventing the batch effects in multi-site data, with a focus on gene expression Microarrays". PhD Thesis, January 2014. PDFview
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