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Publications in 2015

In Journal (refereed)

1. S. Ravanbakhsh, R. Greiner. "Perturbed Message Passing for Constraint Satisfaction Problems". Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), 16, pp 1249−1274, October 2015. view
2. S. Ravanbakhsh, P. Liu, T. Bjorndahl, R. Mandal, J. Grant, M. Wilson, R. Eisner, I. Sinelnikov, X. Hu, C. Luchinat, R. Greiner, D. Wishart. "Accurate, fully-automated NMR spectral profiling for metabolomics". PLoS One, 10(5), May 2015. view
3. J. Patel, N. Asgarian, P. Robson, R. Greiner, J. Mackey, S. Damaraju. " Gene-environment-lifestyle factors in breast cancer susceptibility: Machine Learning tools to build predictive models". Journal of Carcinogenesis, 14 (Suppl 1), pp S16-S20, January 2015. view

In Conference (refereed)

4. S. Chowdhury, L. Kumar, T. Imam, M. Jabbar, V. Sapra, K. Aggarwal, A. Hindle, R. Greiner. "Modeling Software Energy Consumption Using System Calls: A Machine Learning Approach". INTERNATIONAL GREEN and SUSTAINABLE COMPUTING CONFERENCE, December 2015. view
5. J. Wen, R. Greiner, D. Schuurmans. "Correcting Covariate Shift with Frank-Wolfe Algorithm". International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), July 2015. view
6. K. Aggarwal, T. Rutgers, F. Timbers, A. Hindle, R. Greiner, E. Stroulia. "Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports with Software Engineering Domain Knowledge". IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering, January 2015. PDFview

Other Categories

7. I. Rish, R. Greiner. "Computational Psychiatry -- eliminating the guesswork of treating mental illness". In Magazine, Moods Magazine, September 2015. view
8. N. Borle, S. Ravanbakhsh, T. Bjorndahl, R. Mandal, J. Grant, R. Greiner, D. Wishart. "Optimizations in BAYESIL: Fully-Automated NMR Spectral Profiling". Poster, Undergraduate Summer Research Poster Session, August 2015. view
9. S. Khan. "The Budgeted Biomarker Discovery Problem". PhD Thesis, June 2015. PDFview
10. S. Ravanbakhsh. "Message Passing and Combinatorial Optimization". PhD Thesis, January 2015. view
11. P. Jin. "Using Survival Prediction Techniques to Learn Consumer-Specific Reservation Price Distributions". MSc Thesis, Dept of Computing Science, University of Alberta, January 2015. view
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