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Andres, Axel

Name: Andres, Axel
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1. A. Andres, A. Montano-Loza, R. Greiner, M. Uhlich, P. Jin, B. Hoehn, D. Bigam, J. Shapiro, N. Kneteman. "A novel learning algorithm to predict individual survival after liver transplantation for primary sclerosing cholangitis". PLoS One, pp 14, March 2018. view
2. B. Wubie, A. Andres, R. Greiner, B. Hoehn, A. Montano-Loza, N. Kneteman, G. Heo. "Cluster Identification via Persistent Homology and other Clustering Techniques, with Application to Liver Transplant Data". Research in Computational Topology, Springer, (ed: Chambers, Erin, Fasy, Brittany Terese, Ziegelmeier, Lori ), pp 145-177, March 2018. view

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