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Bharat Rao, R.

Name: Bharat Rao, R.
Webpage: none
1. R. Greiner, G. Meredith, R. Bharat Rao. "An Optimized Theory Revision Module". Technical Report, February 1995. PSview
2. R. Bharat Rao, R. Greiner, T. Hancock. "Exploiting the Absence of Irrelevant Information: What You Don't Know Can Help You". November 1994. PSview
3. P. Langley, G. Drastal, R. Bharat Rao, R. Greiner. "Theory Revision in Fault Hierarchies". The Fifth International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (Dx94), October 1994. PSview
4. G. Drastal, R. Greiner, C. Lee, G. Meredith, C. Mouleeswaran, R. Bharat Rao. "Knowledge Maintenance Environment". Learning System Department TechReport, Siemens Corporate Research, SCR-94-TR-511, June 1994. view

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