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Amaral, Jose Nelson

Name: Amaral, Jose Nelson
Organization: Department of Computing Sciences, University of Alberta
Webpage: none
1. P. Berube, J. Amaral. "Workload Reduction for Multi-Input Profile-Directed Optimization". International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization, February 2009. PDFview
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4. R. Niewiadomski, J. Amaral. "A Performance Study of Data Layout Techniques for Improving Data Locality in Refinement-Based Pathfinding". Journal of Experimental Algorithms (JEA), 1.2(9), pp 1-28, January 2004. PDFview
5. R. Niewiadomski, J. Amaral, R. Holte. " Crafting Data Structures: A Study of Reference Locality in Refinement Based Path Finding". International Conference on High Performance Computing(HiPC), (ed: T.M. Pinkston and V.K. Prasanna), pp 438-448, June 2003. PDFview
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