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Bard, Nolan

Name: Bard, Nolan
Webpage: none
1. K. Waugh, N. Bard, M. Bowling. "Strategy Grafting in Extensive Games". Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), (ed: Y. Bengio and D. Schuurmans and J. Lafferty and C. K. I. Williams and A. Culotta), pp 2026--2034, December 2009. PDFview
2. N. Bard. "Using State Estimation for Dynamic Agent Modelling". MSc Thesis, University of Alberta, March 2008. PDFview
3. N. Bard, M. Bowling. "Particle Filtering for Dynamic Agent Modelling in Simplified Poker". National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), April 2007. PDFview
4. M. Zinkevich, M. Bowling, N. Bard, M. Kan, D. Billings. "Optimal unbiased estimators for evaluating agent performance". National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Boston, Massachusetts, USA, pp 573-578, January 2006. PDFview

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