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Browning, Brett

Name: Browning, Brett
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1. B. Browning, J. Bruce, M. Bowling, M. Veloso. "STP: Skills, tactics and plays for multi-robot control in adversarial environments". Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, 219(1), pp 33-52, January 2005. PDFview
2. M. Bowling, B. Browning, M. Veloso. "Plays as effective multiagent plans enabling opponent-adaptive play selection". ICAPS, pp 376-383, January 2004. PDFview
3. M. Bowling, B. Browning, A. Chang, M. Veloso. "Plays as Team Plans for Coordination and Adaptation". Issues in Designing Physical Agents for Dynamic Real-time Environments, August 2003. PDFview
4. J. Bruce, M. Bowling, B. Browning, M. Veloso. "Multi-robot team response to a multi-robot opponent team". IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp 2281-2286, January 2003. view
5. B. Browning, M. Bowling, M. Veloso. "Improbability Filtering for Rejecting False Positives". IEEE, pp 3038--3043, May 2002. PDFview

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