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Buro, Michael

Name: Buro, Michael
Webpage: none
1. M. Stanescu, S. Hernandez, G. Erickson, R. Greiner, M. Buro. "Predicting army combat outcomes in StarCraft". Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment Conference (AIIDE), October 2013. PDFview
2. M. Chung, M. Buro, J. Schaeffer. "Monte Carlo Search for Real-Time Strategy Games". IEEE, pp 117-124, June 2005. PDFview
3. T. Hauk, M. Buro, J. Schaeffer. "*-Minimax Performance in Backgammon". Computers and Games, pp 51-66, June 2004. PDFview
4. T. Hauk, M. Buro, J. Schaeffer. "Rediscovering *-Minimax Search". International Conference on Computers and Games (CG), pp 35-50, January 2004. PDFview

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