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Amegbey, Godwin

Name: Amegbey, Godwin
Webpage: none
1. D. Wishart, D. Tzur, C. Knox, R. Eisner, A. Guo, N. Young, D. Cheng, K. Jewell, D. Arndt, S. Sawhney, C. Fung, L. Nikolai, M. Lewis, M. Coutouly, I. Forsythe, P. Tang, S. Shrivastava, K. Jeroncic, P. Stothard, G. Amegbey, D. Block, D. Hau, J. Wagner, J. Miniaci, M. Clements, M. Gebremedhin, N. Guo, Y. Zhang, G. Duggan, G. MacInnis, A. Weljie, R. Dowlatabadi, F. Bamforth, D. Clive, R. Greiner, L. Li, T. Marrie, B. Sykes, H. Vogel, L. Querengesser. "HMDB: the Human Metabolome Database". Nucleic Acids Research (NAR), 35, pp D521 -- D526, January 2007. PDFview

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