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Bastani, Meysam

Name: Bastani, Meysam
Webpage: none
Interest(s): Machine Learning
1. M. Bastani, L. Vos, N. Asgarian, J. Deschenes, K. Graham, J. Mackey, R. Greiner. "A Machine Learned Classifier that uses Gene Expression Data to Accurately Predict Estrogen Receptor Status". PLoS One, 8(12), November 2013. view
2. M. Bastani. "Model-Free Intelligent Diabetes Management Using Machine Learning". MSc Thesis, November 2013. PDFview
3. M. Bastani, K. Chen, M. Bowling, R. Greiner, E. Ryan. "Computing Treatments for Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus". Poster, 2013 ADI Research Day, September 2013. PDFview
4. M. Brown, G. Sidhu, R. Greiner, N. Asgarian, M. Bastani, P. Silverstone, A. Greenshaw, S. Dursun. "ADHD-200 Global Competition: Diagnosing ADHD using personal characteristic data can outperform resting state fMRI measurements ". Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, (ed: Michael Milham), 6(10.3389/fnsys.2012.00069), September 2012. view

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