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Basu, Urmila

Name: Basu, Urmila
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1. X. Liu, P. Miller, U. Basu, N. Asgarian, R. Greiner, L. McMullen. "Using machine learning algorithms to detect cellular stress of Listeria monocytogenes from cDNA microarray data". RiboWest, June 2012. view
2. U. Basu, J. Francis, R. Whittal, J. Stephens, Y. Wang, O. Zaiane, R. Goebel, D. Muench, A. Good, G. Taylor. "Extracellular proteomes of Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica napus roots: analysis and comparison by MudPIT and LC-MS/MS". Plant and Soil, 286, pp 357-376, January 2006. PDFview
3. Y. Wang, O. Zaiane, R. Goebel, J. Southron, U. Basu, R. Whittal, J. Stephens, G. Taylor. "Developing a Database for Proteomic Analysis of Extracytosolic Plant Proteins". International Workshop on Biological Data Management (BIDM), March 2004. PDFview

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