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Yu, Chun-Nam

Name: Yu, Chun-Nam
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Organization: University of Alberta
Webpage: none
Interest(s): Machine Learning; Support Vector Machines; Medical Informatics; Graphical Models
1. J. Wen, C. Yu, R. Greiner. "Robust Learning under Uncertain Test Distributions: Relating Covariate Shift to Model Misspecification". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), June 2014. PDFview
2. S. Ravanbakhsh, C. Yu, R. Greiner. "A Generalized Loop Correction Method for Approximate Inference in Graphical Models". International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), July 2012. PDFview
3. C. Yu, R. Greiner, H. Lin, V. Baracos. "Learning Patient-Specific Cancer Survival Distributions as a Sequence of Dependent Regressors". Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), December 2011. PDFview

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