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Abou-Moustafa, Karim Tamer

Name: Abou-Moustafa, Karim Tamer
Organization: AICML and Dept. of Computing Science
Webpage: none
Interest(s): Machine Learning
1. K. Abou-Moustafa, F. Ferrie, D. Schuurmans. "Divergence Based Graph Estimation for Manifold Learning". IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, December 2013. PDFview
2. K. Abou-Moustafa, D. Schuurmans, F. Ferrie. "Learning a metric space for neighbourhood topology estimation. Application to manifold learning". Asian Conference on Machine Learning, (ed: Cheng Soon Ong and Tu Bao Ho), pp 1-16, November 2013. PDFview
3. K. Abou-Moustafa, F. Ferrie. "A Note on Metric Properties of Some Divergence Measures. The Gaussian Case". Asian Conference on Machine Learning, (ed: Steven C.H. Hoi and Wray Buntine), pp 1-15, November 2012. PDFview

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