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Aggarwal, Karan

Name: Aggarwal, Karan
Webpage: none
1. K. Aggarwal, A. Hindle, F. Timbers, E. Stroulia, T. Rutgers, R. Greiner. "Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports using a Hierarchy of Domain Knowledge Contexts". Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, August 2016. view
2. S. Chowdhury, L. Kumar, T. Imam, M. Jabbar, V. Sapra, K. Aggarwal, A. Hindle, R. Greiner. "Modeling Software Energy Consumption Using System Calls: A Machine Learning Approach". INTERNATIONAL GREEN and SUSTAINABLE COMPUTING CONFERENCE, December 2015. view
3. K. Aggarwal, T. Rutgers, F. Timbers, A. Hindle, R. Greiner, E. Stroulia. "Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports with Software Engineering Domain Knowledge". IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering, January 2015. PDFview

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