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R. Greiner, B. Smith, R. Wilkerson. "A Correction to the Algorithm in Reiter's Theory of Diagnosis". Artificial Intelligence (AIJ), 41(1), pp 79--88, November 1989. view
M. Yousefnezhad, A. Selvitella, D. Zhang. "Shared Space Transfer Learning for analyzing multi-site fMRI data". NIPS Workshop on Machine Learning and Games, December 2020. view
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P. Ramazi, M. Kunegel-Lion, R. Greiner, M. Lewis. "Predicting Insect Outbreaks Using Machine Learning: A Mountain Pine Beetle Case Study". Ecology and Evolution, February 2021. view
V. Agyapong, R. Shalaby, M. Hrabok, W. Vuong, J. Brown, A. Gusnowski, K. Mrklas, D. Li, L. Urichuk, M. Snaterse, S. Surood, B. Cao, X. Li, R. Greiner, A. Greenshaw. "Mental Health Outreach via Supportive Text Messages during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Improved mental health and reduced suicidal ideation after six weeks in subscribers of Text4Hope compared to a control population". International Journal of Environmental Research and Public , February 2021. view
R. Vega, P. Gorji, Z. Zhang, X. Qin, A. Hareendranathan, J. Kapur, J. Jaremko, R. Greiner. "Sample Efficient Learning of Image-Based Diagnostic Classifiers". Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, March 2021. view

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